When we heard the appalling news that Double Stuf'd Oreos are not, in fact, double-stuffed, we vowed to do something about it. Unfortunately, a single letter doesn't always find its way into the grubby little hands of the President of Nabisco—and we know this because we tried, thanks to Jeanette G. from Customer Service who redirected our concerns to the "Contact Us" section on www.snackworks.com. Still, we haven't lost hope. We're still awaiting a response.

Let's work together on this. It takes a village of people who only read the Food & Leisure section to truly make a difference.


Lie-eos (Oreos)

Dear Oreo/Nabisco/Enemy,

My name is Lizzy and I'm a journalist at E! Networks.  While I normally cover pop culture stories, I'm also highly respected in the snack world.  I'm reaching out to discuss a disheartening story that caught me dead in my double-stuf'd tracks. I'm dying to hear your response to the news that a high school math class proved that DOUBLE STUF'D OREOS LACK 7% OF THE CREAMY FILLING SO BLATANTLY BOASTED ON THE PACKAGE. 

I'd love if you could spare a few moments of your time to answer some pertinent questions.

-Was this discrepancy EVER discussed among the bakers and artisan craftsmen who've dedicated their careers to assembling these precious snacks?

-We (most of us) are still reeling from the news that Subway's "Footlong" is only a deceptive 11 inches. How do corporations plan on gaining back my trust??

-Would you like us to now refer to these snacks as "1.86-Stuf'd," or "The Pariahs of the Snack World"?

-Are they sandwiches or cookies? I can't make up my mind.

-How will you empower those of us who are constantly being accused of "playing the victim"?

-What's the difference between fat and cholesterol?

-How do face my children after I've lied to them?

-Can you guarantee I won't die alone? I have nice neighbors, but only see them on weekends.

Twisted and Dunked into a Glass of Disappointment,



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