If you're like me, you spent a fair amount of Saturday mornings as a child indoors, sadly eating Fruit Roll-Ups and watching whatever television happened to be on. Personally I probably saw more episodes of Soul Train as a 10 year old then many of the people featured in line dances of those episodes ever saw. Sure, that sounds depressing but look at where I am today!...Oh god, I've wasted my life.

Anyway, if you were home on those Saturday mornings squandering your youth like me, chances are at some point you became acquainted with G.L.O.W. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It was an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of pro-wrestling in the 80's by creating what basically amounted to an all-female version of the WWE.

The formula was simple: Take every stereotype in the world (racial and otherwise), turn those stereotypes into characters, then make them fight each other. Oh yeah, and eventually they all had to rap together. Hey, I didn't make the rules. What follows is the ladies of G.L.O.W. doing their best to spit some slightly racist, always awkward rhymes letting us all know what they're about. Spoiler alert: They're about doin' their own thing.

WARNING: If you're wearing headphones, turn this down.

Oh, and by the way...

GLOW Jackie Stallone

What?! Almost made me forget about Palestina. Yikes.

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