Cue The Final Countdown by Europe, End of the Road by Boyz II Men, or really any song with an overarching theme of finality, because this is it. The final installment of our favorite clips from the last 499 episodes of The Soup


Sometimes when you're passionate about something, emotions take over. That can make for strange emotional bedfellows, as seen in this clip from Wicked Tuna.



Forget the fact that the dude placing the phone call in this clip from Dinocroc vs. Supergator is named "Chaz Kingsley". And brush aside the fact that Mr. Kingsley includes "cheeses" on his list of requests for the private villa. These are but frosting on the cake that is Jerry the Pool Boy. Do we love him? That we do, sir. 



It takes guts for the stars of the WWE to go out each night to the ring and throw themselves on the floor and what not all in the name of entertaining us. But you know what takes even more guts than that? Giving retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin a live mic, a captive audience of thousands, and no script at all.



correspondant Willard Scott is a national treasure. But even national treasures veer off into the land of WTF occasionally. In this clip from Today he not only goes there, he parks and stays for lunch.

Think something was missing? Let us know in the comments or see if it made our list of readers favorites.

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