Lady Gaga

Photo by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Lady Gaga has pushed the boundaries of art once again, this time with the coveted technique of… finger painting.

Her latest single, "Applause," was accompanied by a striking photo of her in all white, with what appear to be the smudges of a 5-year-old's attempt at water colors on her face.

We decided to give The Soup staffers' kids a chance at painting the pop legend's face. Here are the results:

A simple yet beautiful scene of little Timmy's house and parents.

Gaga Face Paint 1


Looks like little Sarah is excited for Thanksgiving!

Gaga Face Painting 2


Little Dominic is having family issues right now.

Gaga Face Paint 3


This one was sent to us by an elderly Spanish woman. A true Gaga fan.

Gaga Face Paint 4

Rumor has it that Gaga's next video will feature her bathing in Play-Doh.

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