In preparation for the LIVE 500th episode of The Soup coming up this Wednesday at 10/9c, we asked the staff to choose their favorite clips from the show, and they did not disappoint. Our inboxes were flooded with literally hundreds of clips, and once we tossed out the porn and the one that was basically just a bootlegged VHS copy of Bum Fights we were left with about fifteen clips. 

Here's volume 2 of our favorite clips from the last 499 episodes.


It's no secret that we've always loved Ray J. He's a veritable one-man clip-making machine. This, however, is Ray J at his finest.

During an interview on Good Day New York, Ray took it upon himself to basically spoil a huge plot point leading into the second season of his show For the Love of Ray J. And yes, I did just imply that show had a plot. His obliviousness is outshined only by his absolute confidence that he's actually being coy.


Just when you thought the world had already dreamed up all the best combinations, a show like Killer Karaoke comes along. Who knew that singing, food service, and electrocution would go together so fantastically? F*ck you peanut butter and chocolate. By the way, if there was actually a Mexican restaurant out there that served their food this way we would absolutely eat there. Weekly.


Gold miners spend their careers hoping to hit the mother-load and as far as we can tell, based on this clip, the fellas on Gold Rush Alaska have. Only what they found wasn't gold. It was 100% pure, grade A, unintentional sexual innuendo. PS - The "Glory Hole" looks like an awful, awful place.

Keep checking in here for even more of our all-time favorite clips leading up to The Soup's 500th episode LIVE Wednesday, August 21st at 10/9c.

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