With the 500th episode of The Soup nearly upon us (LIVE Wednesday, August 21st at 10/9c) it got a little introspective around the office. We wondered things like where did the time go and at what point during that time did our dreams officially die? Then we drank for like six hours and spent the rest of the day picking our favorite clips from the last 499 episodes. Ladies and gentlemen, please to enjoy volume one of our all-time favorite clips.



Everyone gets older, but thanks to this clip from the KTLA Morning News we learned that getting old doesn't mean giving up doing the things you love. It just means you'll probably get seriously injured doing them.


Some people have to get the last word in during a confrontation. But in this clip from Cops we met the only man who can do it while getting tased.


When we first heard of American Stuffers we knew it was probably going to be a clip gold mine. What we didn't expect was that one woman's reaction to her taxidermed yorkie would over shadow the fact that we were looking at a taxidermed yorkie.

Keep checking in here for even more of our all-time favorite clips leading up to The Soup's 500th episode LIVE Wednesday, August 21st at 10/9c.

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