Comb over your fake lion mane and strap in for the best links of the week.


Our only hope in life is to learn love anything as much as this guy loves his violin.

The Science Channel is apparently going through severe budget cuts in their dramatic re-enactment department

We teach you how to avoid Breaking Bad spoilers through the most important educational tool of the 21st century: GIFs.

If you have the stomach to sit through intensely embarrassing informercials, you can finally learn how to clean your gamer gear

America beats China in the race to developing watermelon-based clothing

The time is ripe to invest all of your money in the NASDIQ

Tan Mom gives us yet another reason to gouge our own eyes out

The Soup is coming up on its 500th episode, and we have some news for those avid viewers out there: You've spent way too much time watching The Soup

Back in the day, Walter White dealt a very different type of drug

We recut a karate video and added the appropriate music and visual effects (think Street Fighter except with twice as much pointlessness)

Kids can finally learn how to use the internet, and with any luck we'll soon be invited to an internet computer party. 

Look out New York, Broadway Mitzvah is about to take the city by storm

The game show Whodunnit? leaves us asking just one question: Whowatchesthis?


If you're looking for a new hobby that involves condiments and forest animals, look no further

No family photo is completely without someone wearing a horrible cat shirt

And in case you weren't tired of Thrift Shop yet, you are now

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