The summer is almost over, sadly. Soon the warm weather, beach trips, and baseball will all come to an end, but not yet! We think you should live the remaining moment of summer 2013 to the fullest with these great items from Etsy!



Crocheted Summer Dress of the Mannequin Wearing it

With limited time left in the summer, when you go out you want to be sure that you stand out. That's why we think you should definitely invest in this beautiful crocheted dress of a mannequin. The colors of the dress really bring out the beauty of the mannequin's expressionless face. You won't have to worry about someone wearing the same thing as you, as this is surely one of a kind. Or better yet, buy the mannequin as well and display it in your house during Halloween!


Surf Board with Sublime, Jim Morrison, Social Distortion, Snoop Dogg, a Sword, a Bat, and a Naked Lady (?) Painted on it

Look, let's just admit it: When you go surfing you want to let everyone know what cool bands you like! And this surf board is going to save us all A LOT of time, because who doesn't like this stuff? Yeah, that's right, you don't just focus on one genre of music. You like a little bit of everything! You're diverse! Also, swords are cool and so is a bat! And guys, yeah, there's some boobies in there for you too. Man, you are one unique individual. Hang ten!!



Cool Do-Rag with Elaborate Title

Are you a dude or dudette who hangs out at the beach, rides a motorcycle, or is going through chemotherapy? Well then this do-rag is for you! When you're strutting around in your walkin' clothes everyone's gonna ask: what's that do-rag made from? And you can reply: some kid shorts from the early 90s! Hell yeah. You don't have to surf to sport this cool look, cause everybody likes surf boards, and if they don't then they can go back to nerd school where they belong! Righteous!



Geraldo Hot Body Tote Bag

You're getting ready for the beach. You got your sunblock, your shades, your iPod, but what are you going to carry them all in? Well how about this cool tote bag featuring a killer bod on it? Oh yeah! Make everyone else at the beach jealous with Geraldo Rivera's shirtless body with enhanced biceps.

So what are you waiting for? Get these hot items and get to the beach!

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