I have a pretty stern rule that I  stay away from anything that would refer to me as a "gamer dude, or dudette," but I just couldn't stop watching this embarassing trainwreck.

A few things about this video:

-His motion for wiping off the "guitar" is drastically different than the half-ass job he really does.

-I'm not entirely sure what "detailing" is in this context and it looks like he doesn't either.

-"Slide in the disc, like this," should probably end with that disc actually sliding into something.

-"Game Assassin" is just... it's just... *sigh*

-What is he looking at? Who's he talking to?

Also, I believe I read somewhere that having  the word "fact" in Comic Sans appear in your video automatically discredits anything you're about to say. It's a fact.

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