The final (half) season of Breaking Bad begins this Sunday, and everyone is dying to know how it'll end. Will Walt and Jesse survive? How will Hank react? Will anyone ever care about Skylar? The questions are endless, and speculation could lead you down a three-hour internet black hole. Luckily for you, we've gone ahead and dug through some well thought-out and insightful theories from the most reliable corner of the internet: FAN FICITION!

Here are a few selected excerpts of potential scenes from the upcoming season:


Walter White walked out of the spaceship but Hank sees him so he has to run so he gets in the car and goes to Dennys for breakfast and also its his birthday.

Dr. Jesse Pinkman begins his first class at Temple University by walking through the door, walking up to the board and then, if out of nowhere, taking a beaker and using it to make a solution burst into flame.

Skyler was kissing Jesse… who wasn't kissing back, but wasn't fighting either.

Mr. White stands aloof from Jesse and all his tentacles

Walter White is thinking as he sees the door open. Tony Soprano was enters the room and locks eyes with the Walter White.

Walter undressed slowly by the dim light of the lamp, feeling Jesse’s eyes on him like weights.

Walter White puts landmines out on the frunt yard

Jesse sits quietly, and Walt takes him to Denny's.

"Yo, Dr. House… I appreciate the offer, man, but I… I failed Mr. White's Chemistry class. "This is Dr. House," Wilson explained. "We were consulted about your medical condition, Mr. White, and we wanted to perhaps run a few tests so you could get a second opinion on your cancer."

From the House/Breaking Bad crossover.

Some of the most compelling scenes come from the Breaking Bad/My Little Pony crossovers...

"Mr. White it's me Jesse!" Walter continued to stare with his jaw agape he could barely speak. "B-B-But your a pony.. How did this happen.. Why are you talking.. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?"

And then...

Jesse was disturbed by his thoughts. He then slumped to the ground and dropped the scythe in his hand. "I really am an animal.. I was going to cut an innocent pony's head off.." Jesse stared at his hooves and tears started to form in his eyes.


Walter interrupted. "Look, Pinkie forced us to make these cupcakes in her basement, she plans on turning everypony in Equestria into junkies." Applejack looked betrayed. "I can't believe y'all would make such a horrid thing in the first place! I thought y'all was good people!" Walter looked at Applejack with guilt and sadness. "I didn't mean for any of this to happen.."

So as you can see, there are a number of possiblities as to how this series could end. Hopefully none of these are anywhere near it. I'd also like to note that fanficition is the abyss. I deserve a medal for the ammount of erotic Jesse/Walt fiction I had to sift through.

Then again, there was this:

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