While people tend to lose their minds over talking about Shark Week, we'd like to remind you that some sharks seriously blow, big time. Therefore, we've compiled some of our most hated sharks to bring you down off that Shark Week high.




I can say, with almost certainty, that Jabberjaw was never anyone's favorite cartoon. It may be one of the worst series that Hanna-Barbera ever produced. It's a horrible and blatant Scooby-Doo copy, but instead of a talking dog we're sentenced to annoying shark equipped with a bad Curly from The Three Stooges impression. The characters play in some stupid and and they live under the sea. I'm getting annoyed just writing about it. Next!


Jaws from the Nintendo Game

The forever hungry, always hunting, beast of death from the film didn't translate well to the 8-bit screen. Jaws' weakness? Cannonballs dropped from a boat, at least according to this game. If he destroyed said boat, a diver with a harpoon gun could defeat him single-handidly. You can beat this game in about fifteen minutes. Sorry Jaws, you stink.


The Orange Shark Bite

Orange is my favorite color, but I will admit that it is the absolute worst flavor in fruit snacks, worse than lemon (I actually really enjoy lemon). Unfortunately, this holds true for the best fruit snacks of all time: Shark Bites.  If you eat orange with other fruit flavors it dominates your taste buds. The orange shark is such a heel.


Shark Attack

This board game sucks, plain and simple. A motorized shark chases your game pieces around a board as you roll dice to decide which color moves forward. There is absolutely zero strategy to the game making it a stupid game for stupid dumb babies. Here's the commercial for reference:


Street Sharks

In an attempt to capitalize on the success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and... rollerblades, children of the nineties were subjected to Street Sharks. Now, a lot of you out there may say, "Hey! I loved Street Sharks!" While I will admit that  the toys were pretty neat, the TV series was pretty awful. Can you name any of the bad guys? How about any of the good guys? All I can remember is buff sharks, tight pants, and rollerblades, which may sound kinda neat, but isn't, especially that part about the rollerblades. Real talk though, the killer whale with the long tongue was the best one.

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