Bad news, guys: Shark Week is almost over.

But guys, good news: We made more Shark Week movie posters based on the amazing suggestions you left in the comments! Congratulations to you for being able to geniusly insert "shark" into movie titles!

If that doesn't make you jump for joy you must be deader inside than a contestant on the Bachelor.


A wildly popular movie directed by Shark Woo, Shark/Off follows Shark Archer (played by Shark Sharkolta) as he tries to take down the terrorist Castor Shark (played by Sharkolas Shark) by taking on his identity. Sharkolas Cage truly shines in this role -- it's one of his last great movies before taking on more commercially boring movies like National Sharksure and The Wicker Shark.


Ever think about the possibility of a dream within a shark? Insharktion takes you on a journey into the subconscious, as Sharknardo DiSharkrio eats his way through a bloody human gore hurricane in the dreams of his foes.

Shark Knight Rises

The Shark Knight is truly a modern cinematic masterpiece. We follow Sharkman as he takes on his greatest challenge yet: Attempting to prevent Baneshark from destroying all of Sharktham. Keep an eye out for a truly moving performance by Shark Caine in the role of Sharkfred.

Comment and tells us MORE of you favorite shark movies! 

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