What a week, you guys. It was just like, it was just like, it was just like a mini mall. And for that reason alone, let's take a look at the week's most head-turning links. 


When it came to stem cell fine dining, we offered only the finest of muti-cellular sides.

We send our condolences to the stage mom who risked her son's life for a SAG card.

Before you slip into your Gargamel turtleneck and race out the door to see Smurfs 2, take an exclusive look at their adorable storyboard.

Someone emerged from this KFC mystery with a whole lote of gravy on their hands.

Cryptic Goosebumps titles are a thing of the past. Thankfully, we cleared up all the confusion.

Justin Bieber's been baffling us his array of bodily fluids, so we held hands, beliebed, and then took a closer look.

Kris Jenner has never seen this video and it's probably for the best.

Bieber Spit


Coming out of the closet this week was so Raven!

Megan Fox is pregnant with yet another hero in a half-placenta.

And, finally...

You'll find your way back to this link. We just know it!





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