We love a good protest -- they're a true expression of our right to freedom of speech and a fundamental part of this great country of ours.

Probably the only thing we love more than protests are hilarious signs that completely undermine protests.

Oh, and chocolate. We love chocolate more than protests, too.

We scoured the internet for the funniest protest signs out there. Here are the top 10 protest signs we found!

Protest Sign 1

Apparently he works for a corporation that forces employees to carry protest signs. (photo by tumblr)

Protest Sign 2

We're guessing Optimus Prime would blow up that sign with one of his sweet-ass space missiles. (photo by tumblr)

Protest Sign 3

Amazingly, these two guys are now in a relationship, thinking hard about marriage, and having the best "homo sex" of their sin-sational lives! (photo by tumblr)

Protest Sign 4

Unfortunately, the handjobs are terrible, but members of the Westboro Baptist Church are surprisingly good at cuddling. (photo by tumblr)

Protest Sign 5

By all accounts, the guy on the left looks way more into pornography than the guy on the right. (photo by tumblr)

Protest Sign 6

We do not recommend holding this sign up. You don't want to see crowds when crowds angry... (photo by tumblr)

Protest Sign 8

A truly noble cause that we can all get behind. FOUR MORE TORTILLAS! FOUR MORE TORTILLAS! (photo by tumblr)

Protest Sign 9

The first thing he needs to do is go back in time and not purchase those hideous sunglasses. (photo by tumblr)

Protest Sign 10

Um, we all hate Signs. God's not the only one with good taste in movies. (photo by tumblr)

Protest Sign 11

We're a little in love with this protester... (photo by tumblr)

Post your favorite protest signs in the comments! 

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