Have you ever looked at or contributed to a comments section online? If so, you have our sympathies. It is a messy business.

Internet message boards are the closest thing to the Wild West left in our modern world. Nothing is sacred. Everything is permitted. Relative anonymity gives already obnoxious personalities further free reign to turn their inner assh*le up to 11. What results are some of the most pointless, disjointed and brutally uncivil exchanges ever to enter into human discourse.

Internet Troll

For the truly committed and masochistic, though, this perpetual battlefield can yield some singular treasures. Buried amidst the blasphemy, homophobia, misogyny, and logical fallacies are rare exchanges that serve to counterbalance all the surrounding white noise.

Our favorites by far are the comments that take the conversation for an abrupt turn. Sometimes it's willful trolling, other times it's just a bit of unexpected insight. Either way, these little chestnuts help to restore our faith in humanity...if only for moments at a time.


Mind Blown

The Theory of Relativity made simple.



What Happens On Tumblr

They see me trollin'...

Stays On Tumblr


That Stoned

Yup. Totally called it. The final response is even more illustrative than intended.

That Stoned


The Resistance

Grammar Nazi's beware.

The Resistance


Modern Art

Walked right into that one...

My Life


More Importantly...

There. Now your story has a point.

Cool Story Bro


¡Viva La Pizza!

You picked the wrong foodstuff to mess with, buddy.

Pizza Fight


Spelled Out

Abortion jokes were the only thing missing from the Harry Potter series. Were.

Spelled Out


So, if you're not in the habit of checking message boards, please, really, don't bother. Your intellect and your sanity will thank you. We'll continue to wade through the mire on your behalf, to glean the precious minority of comments that actually have merit and/or coherence. We're happy to do it and, besides, there's no saving us at this point.

From the Internet

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