Public access television is a magical place. A place filled with local celebrities, local psychics, and local locals interviewing locals. But perhaps the best thing about public access is the opportunity it affords for experimentation when it comes to how programming is produced.

Case in point, Central Virginia Public Access. These mad geniuses look right into the face of conventional TV, laugh, and then spit aggressively. Behold.

Case Study 1 - In The Kitchen with LeeAnne

Why won't Leeanne look at us? Because her mind isn't with us, friends. It's in the kitchen (as the title suggests) crafting new recipes. And why oh why does she make us go through that agonizing wait  to see her full name appear on screen? Two reasons, my friends: Gravitas and because she can.

Case Study 2 - In the Know

I know what you're thinking. "That wasn't so bad. If only they had mic'd her it would have been perfect!" Prepare for a true mind f*ck, my friends...



That's right. They just didn't turn it on. Why? Art.

Final Case Study - What's My House Worth

To say that caution was thrown to the wind here for the sake of art would be an understatement. Script? HA! Never! A realistic looking office backplate?! In your dreams. A jacket for our male lead that doesn't also act as a green screen?!! No. No. And no sir. Brilliant!


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