Whambulance Wednesday Soup

We appear to have created a scandal en miniature as a result of commenting on an existing scandal. Paula Deen's spectacular fall from grace has raised the ire of her supporters and detractors alike. One of those supporters had some choice words for us.

Paula Deen Comment

We disgust ourselves and each other too, if it's any consolation but usually as a form of idle amusement or one-upsmanship, when things get slow around the office. It keeps us in fighting shape for riding that fine line, week by week.

We should acknowledge the possibility that this whole Paula Deen thing has been blown out of proportion. After all, what's a few racist comments/actions between a highly public figure and her friends?

Truthfully, we're more tickled by her initial 'What's all the fuss 'bout, y'all?' attitude than anything else. Everyone sticks their foot in their mouth from time to time but most people don't do it repeatedly in the span of a week and even if they did, would have the good grace to show a little genuine remorse. Crocodile tears don't cut it.

Paula Deen, Today Show

Peter Kramer/NBC

The whole thing's absurd and we are gluttons for absurdity. Plus, she makes it really easy. If someone stands directly in front of us, pulls down their pants and says, "Kick me in the balls", chances are we're gonna kick them in the balls. Or vulva, as the case may be.

We immediately regret that mental image.

Don't worry though; she'll bounce back. The controversy will be largely forgotten, once another public figure says or does something equally dumb and we will be there to help pass the torch. So take heart! You're favorite benignly racist spokeswoman for rampaging cholesterol will probably be back on the air within the year. In the meantime, she can wipe away the tears with her millions of dollars.

P.S. Can your husband come out and play tonight, say, around 10/9c?

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