Canada gets a bad rap for its artistic contributions to the world. Yes, it's the land of Nickelback and Bryan Adams and for that they should feel ashamed but Canada is also the home of Canada's Wonderland, an amusement park in Toronto with all sorts of rides and attractions and at least one make-your-own-music-video booth. That last part is important, because it's where one of the most conceptually and aesthetically masterful music videos of all time was made. Singing along to chart-toppers of the day, using as-yet-unperfected green screen technology to fill in the background with random-ass stock footage can be a lot of fun. To one man, though, it was also serious business. Deadly serious.

Cross Mark David Chapman with Napoleon Dynamite, put the resulting human being in ill-fitting exercise wear, crank the brash, funky beat of Backstreet's Back at full volume and what results is something truly spectacular. 

Just the right blend of dangerous and alluring; bold confidence and intrinsic ungainliness. These moves, though…we've seen them before…or something very like them. But who else on Earth could strike such a tenuous balance between awesomeness and tragedy? Oh yeah, duh! Steven Seagal of course.

Steven Seagal Dancing

Seagal would never admit it but he has more than met his match. Nobody tell him that, though. We're still hoping these two meme-nemeses will meet some day and dance the sh*t out of each other.

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