In case you live under a rock (that doesn't get wifi), last night the much-anticipated SyFy original movie "Sharknado" made everyone on the internet lose their sh*t.

It was a veritable Losetheirsh*tnado.

We spent all morning scouring millions of tweets to find the best/worst reactions to the movie. Check them out...

A handful of elementary-school dropouts needed someone to explain the movie to them:

WTF is Sharknado

A few astute critics felt the movie didn't meet their apparently high expectations...

People who took Sharknado too seriously

Of course, there was an endless amount of truly original jokesters that chimed in with some timely Electric Boogaloo jokes...

Sharknado Boogaloo Jokes

And Whalenado jokes...

Whalenado jokes

But our favorite were the people who couldn't take the Sharknado tweetnado and wanted it all to stop...

Stop talking about Sharknado

We're just hoping that they make a sequel... "Sharknado 2: Let's Shark This Nado... Again."

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