You are not mistaken. Your Feldman Sense is tingling. Which can only mean that Corey Feldman has once again emerged from the woodwork to do what he does best: drum up some bizarre publicity and generally confound any meaningful understanding of who he really is.

Mr. Feldman has released a music video for the single Ascension Millennium, off of his upcoming solo album and it is...we're not sure what it is. Hypnotic? Off-putting? Inspirational? Enigmatic?

All of those things. And so much more. It's kind of engrossing and profound in how willfully pointless it is. Enjoy.


"Sean? It's Corey. Hey, you should come over. David Lynch is throwing a party at my McMansion. Yeah! My band's gonna play and my energy drink company has a booth in the back yard and some clients from my Craigslist lingerie model agency are hanging out. C'mon by dude; I'll leverage your Hobbit fame. Face. I miss your Hobbit face is what I said. Get over here bro! Let's get criz-aze-eez-y!!"

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