Whambulance Wednesday Soup

This site has been going strong for some time now. We've been at it long enough that we've worked out most of the kinks and found our groove. We still find feedback super helpful, though, in our ongoing quest to improve and perfect The Soup's online presence. Constructive criticism is what we prefer but surly accusations, entitled condescensions, and all manner of sarcastic advice can prove useful to us as well.

Gibson Wig captioned

This was in reference to yesterday's piece about Amanda Bynes's court wig, yeah? First off, thank you for calling it an 'article'. We are much less generous in describing our own work. This 'article', like most of our attempts at entertainment journalism, may have spiraled a bit out of control. WE ALWAYS DO THIS! We try to write incisive, no-nonsense articles about important subjects like what various celebrities wear to court or who just got what surgery and it ALWAYS goes silly on us, no matter how hard we try! 

We're the laughing stock of E! Of E!!!!!! Do you know how that feels? To WANT so desperately to inform people about the news that matters most to them? To try and do a straight report on which bodily noise Honey Boo Boo's Mom can make that no other human being is capable of, only to have people think you're joking? To strive wholeheartedly to give people the inside scoop on the issues that affect them most and to end up instead with a handful of cat memes and a flowchart detailing the wax and wane of Oprah's flatulence?

Sometimes it feels like the subject matter itself is inherently absurd and bereft of intellectual value. We of course know that's not the case and we don't mean to trivialize or detract from the relevance or necessity of entertainment news; we're just really bad at taking it seriously, it seems.

So thank you for calling us out on it. It's the only way we'll get better. Also, by way of apology, we'll work on a more sober and even-keeled piece about celebrity fashion vis-a-vis the penal and judicial system. We'll get to it right after we finish airbrushing all the nipples and eyebrows out of these Justin Bieber beach pics. And then we have some work stuff to do. But after that, we'll get right to that other boring thing we just promised you but have no intention of following through on. We swear.

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