If you were too busy going outside and whipping up a patriotic frenzy and stuff, here's what you missed on the Internet this week:


Keke came to visit, and expressed her hatred of asses:

Hang on, let us check...yep, these are the worst national anthem performances ever.

Feeling overwhelmed by technology? At least you're not in this 1980's video about the Internet.
Fireworks are overrated. Here's a bunch of explosions instead.
Kris Jenner wants that picture of North West. Kris Jenner NEEDS that picture of North West.
It's a big dog, people. It's a really, really big dog.
It's here! The sort-of exclusive photo of North West that we totally Photoshopped!
Just how lil' is Lil' Wayne? Just how big is Biggie Smalls? We have the answer.
Finally, an answer to what would happen if a dog actually caught up to the car it was chasing: Tire murder.
Bubble football. It's the future, people.
The Paula Deen N-word saga continues as any racism scandal should...with a porn offer.
It's rude to point, Zeeman:


Johnny Depp's school of acting: make a bunch of weird faces.

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger got married, and everyone pretty much continued on with their lives.

Streaking during a ballgame is passé. Vine-ing while streaking during a ballgame is what the kids are doing these days.

And finally, here's what Kim Kardashian gave Kanye West for Father's Day:

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Twitter

Twitter, Getty Images

It's the perfect gift, because now he can click his way into his system preferences and auto-replace "Kanye" with "Our Lord and Savior, Yeezus."

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