As our country comes together once again to celebrate its noble birth, forged from the will of the people and the desire for all human beings to be free and equal, we return to a time-honored tradition: Laughing with derision at the humiliation of others.

We're talking, of course, about National Anthem fails. YouTube is rife with 'em, so here are a select few in case you want to take a break from listening to your drunk uncle singing along to Toby Keith songs and hear someone else forget the words for a change.

That was pretty bad, but to the crowd's credit they were pretty supportive. A cheering crowd is always better than a dead silent one:

What so haaanglah flah ligh, indeed.

Had enough? No? Well here's a whole bunch of cringe-worthy anthems strung together:

And finally, a reminder that it isn't always the singer that's to blame for a bad national anthem ceremony. In fact, sometimes the singer powers through against all odds:

Happy 4th of July, everyone. And to all you foreigners out there, happy...well, happy 4th of July also I guess. Still technically works.

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