Happy 4th of July! It's always nice to celebrate the wisdom, pragmatism, and courage of our Founding Fathers by putting lots of meat on lots of fires and annihilating the sky with color bombs.

We're not celebrating how powerful we are. We're not gloating about our material wealth. We're remembering our roots and the heroic struggle that was made to found a republic in the face of tyranny and forge a system of government unlike anything hitherto seen.

We'd be doing our country a disservice though, if we didn't acknowledge our collective eccentricities: things that, for better or worse, make the US of A such a unique and sometimes wonderfully bizarre place to be.

French Fry Holder

There are no fries quite as delicious as road fries. Science fact. Combining our love of cars with our love of greasy goodness was a no-brainer. Take that as you will.

Speaking of which, why not throw some military might into the equation, just for good measure?

Humvee Drivethru

The most patriotic thing on wheels? Actually, that title is currently (and always) being contested.

Eagle Truck

Yes we need all four spaces. An eagle needs room to soar.

Beer Tank

Our beers may not be particularly strong or flavorful but we sure as sh*t have a lot of it. We've got a thing for quantity, in case you hadn't noticed.

No seriously. More! Bigger!

American Woman

Besides freakish excess, another of our greatest strengths as a nation is our multiculturalism. Well, most of the time it's a strength.

Taco Pizza

Not all attempts as Americanizing our cuisine are horrific culinary abortions, though. Some are simple, classy, and downright patriotic.

Steak of the Union

Steak of the Union. Good g*ddamn, that's sexy.

Yes, we love food. Yes we love cars. Yes we love all things more, the bigger and badder they are.

Some would say we tend to take things to the extreme, to which we might reply, "Yes, you're right and it generally seems to work out for us. Example? No problem."

On the Moon

 Happy 4th everybody! Have fun and stay safe!

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