Moving Day is over. Pizza and beer for everybody! Metaphorically speaking of course; we're not made out of money. We've Feng Shui-ed the many handsome contributions you all made and found the one comment that we think deserves a place of prominence. We're thinking on the end table between Sofas # 2 & 3.

Moving Day captioned

Congratulations Joan! We think any of the incomprehensible heaps of spinning cogs and gears from the Michael Bay movies come close but definitely agree that this sad specimen would be turned away by the Autobots and Decepticons alike.

Thank you to our other contributors as well! We saw The Kardashians and Juney-Boo Boo laid low, among others, by your wits and had a hard time choosing a favorite. Be sure to come back after the weekend for an all-new Caption This! contest.


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