There's no shortage of video covers for the Game of Thrones theme song on the Internet. Some are casual and mildly impressive offerings from random enthusiasts who had a few hours to spare while others are full-blown productions that look to have taken quite a bit of time and money. This first one most definitely falls into the latter category.



Not too shabby. Hippie Jon Snow weirds us out a little but that's only because we've all suffered traumatic experiences relating to drum circles. It's a really pretty cover of the iconic theme and the visuals are both ambitious and well-executed. They really went for it!

Which is why we feel guilty admitting that they've been roundly upstaged by a gentleman from the low-fi end of the spectrum. After a quick trip to Guitar Center and The Costume Depot, this guy had all the tools he needed to really bowl us over.



He's all business to start with but, once that Theremin kicks into its upper register, he really hits his stride. And by 'stride' we mean furrowing his brow even harder and clamping down on the jam. Thank you, Ser Knight; we feel totally transported. Nothing says 'fantasy epic' to us like plaintive electronic flatulence, resounding from the bedroom of a duplex.

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