Paula Deen Butter

Paula Deen Foods, Getty Images

Before you hurry off to postpone your wedding in order to ensure you'll be sitting in the Lip Smackers-scented mezzanine of every performance of Justin Bieber's Venezuela-less world tour, why not take a moment to melt like Paula Deen's very own line of butter and enjoy this, our hand-picked round-up of the week's most relishable links.


We're really hoping Will Smith makes it into some festivals this year!

Attention everyone requiring immediate psychological treatment, Playboy's now hiring.

It was a nice day for a Red Wedding, but only if you weren't the one watching it.

Justin has a lot going on upstairs, requiring him to wear a gigantic hat like this.

Taylor's fragrance represents her one true love, but only because it's her third.


Ineveitably, Samuel L. Jackson will be asked to perform an excerpt from The Vagina Monologues.

It turns out you can Get Lucky, even if you're not wearing a helmet.

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