Time to round out the work week by announcing a new Caption This! winner. We offered up what appeared to be a child's new found love of language but much prefer the alternate interpretations you all provided. In this case, the early bird fot the worm. Right at the top of the comments was our favorite entry. No, we're not just lazy. We did indeed read every entry but found ourselves inexorably drawn back to this:


Curse Word Diary captioned


Congratulations Casey! We've been pretty rough on this amiable imbecile, so your words of encouragement were much appreciated, as they provided an appropriate counterbalance to our abject cruelty. He may still be the butt of your joke but we're pretty sure he doesn't understand the concept of irony, so you can probably bask in this victory without fear of repercussion.

Thank you to everyone else who contributed! Your enthusiasm for childhood profanity was impressive and most welcome. Be sure to keep those comments coming for our next round of Caption This!

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