Shortly after After Earth was likened to recycled oatmeal, Will Smith announced that he's ready to leave the blockbusters behind. We always knew the day would come when he'd abandon us like this, vulnerable and unprotected from the extraterrestrial scum of the universe.

Still, we can't wait to find deeper meaning in our ultimitely futile existences through the lens of his upcoming indie projects!

500 Days Of Summertime

You'll be leaving the theater wondering, "What is our purpose?", "Is Summer even real?" and "How long was that?"

500 days of summertime

The Squid And The Will

Again, the goal is for these films to not do well at the box office. Or wait, what was the point? How about in twenty years, we'll have Dr. Drew ask Jaden.


And finally, we got our hands on a leaked photo of a project still in the works...


It's going to be super edgy, lots of black and white. Co-starring Tommy Lee Jones. And there's a rap single. Really, like nothing you've ever seen before.

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