Most boys of the same age as Justin Bieber can only dream of having front row seats at an NBA game. Chances are, though, those dreams don't include a leather nursing uniform, a Mr. T sized collection of gold chains and a suspiciously rigid and unmoving boutique Heat hat. 

Bieber Hat

To be clear, we're not knocking his style. Leather smocks could be the next big thing for all we know. It's the hat that concerns us. There's something...unnatural about it. Just look how he takes care not to move his head while drinking water. The hat remains in perfect, unaffected equilibrium.

Bieber Water

It's weird, right? Enough so that we felt a need to pursue the matter. We reviewed all the camera angles from Game 7 of the Heat - Pacers series and, after sending all the footage of Bieber to E! Investigates' Forensics Department for careful computer analysis, we think we've uncovered the answer.

That explains everything. Or, wait...does that explain anything? Whatever it means, just remember that we were the ones that broke the story of Tiny Dancing Usher. Whether he's a corrupting influence or the teency voice of reason still remains to be seen. One thing's for sure though: we've found incontrovertible proof that Justin does in fact possess a little talent.

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