The three brothers of nineties boy band Hanson are all grown up and keen to prove it, with varying degrees of chin stubble and the release of their very own beer, Mmmhops. Like their hit song Mmmbop. Get it? 


Eric Charbonneau/

The beer is reportedly light and innocuous, though with a rather abrupt finish. 


Hanson Beer, Instagram


We're all for the boys trying their hand at entrepreneurship and craft beers seem like a good way to go. We're hoping other notable names will follow suit. To further that end, we thought we'd go ahead and get the ball rolling.

Chris Nut Brown Ale

Packs a Wallop!


Tan Mom's Blackened Tan

Get Your Goggles On!


Getchoobitch Lager

Liquid Courage That Keeps Going and Going




Courtney Stodden's Super Sensual Blonde

"It tastes like fizzy!"


Donald Trump's Hair of the Dog

"The best beer ever brewed in the history of this or any other Universe. Guaranteed"*

*Guarantee is symbolic


With any luck, we're in for another craft beer revolution. We love beer and celebrities love easy paychecks. Everybody wins!

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