The GIF (pronounced as 'JIF' according to its inventor but what does he know?): a tried and true mainstay of the Internet, robust and seemingly perfect in both its brevity and simplicity. There's not many ways one could improve on this elegant means of conveying the essence of a moment. There is at least one way, though: The Reverse GIF.

Taking a brief spurt of action and then flipping it on its head somehow makes things a million times better. There may be some intricate psychological explanation for why this is the case but, if so, we're uninterested. Why ruin the magic by explaining the trick? Let's ignore the science for now and get right down to messing with causality instead.

Considerate Dog

"Okay boy, 'Shake'. 'Roll over. Good boy. Here's your pizza."

Considerate Cat

Better than a dead bird.

Cotton Candy

Humans can regurgitate too!

Sassy Spock

"OOOOHoooommmfffff! Sorry, you were saying?"

Scrunchface Britney

Metaphor for a comeback.

Casual Friend

Casual Friend remains unimpressed, regardless of the sequence of events.

Stop Girl

"But seriously..."

Sign Fixer

"I'm sorry Sign. I didn't mean nothin' by it."

Magnetic Putty

This makes more sense in reverse but still doesn't make any sense. Super sexy, either way though.

Our minds have been blown! Which, admittedly, isn't difficult to do. But still!

We're gonna go get some breakfast burritos for dinner and pay for them before we order. We'll leave you with one last morsel, though, to sum things up in style.

Deal With It



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