During a recent satellite interview with Seattle-based KCPQ to promote his new film Now You See Me, Morgan Freeman took a few moments to pause and reflect and saw a few logs. While co-star Michael Caine gave an enthusiastic response to one of the interviewers' questions, Mr. Freeman went to his happy place; a dreamland that's probably as awesome as the man himself.



The guy is 75 years old, dutifully doing the press circuit at some ungodly hour of the morning. He can be forgiven for taking the odd cat nap here and there, whenever opportunity presents itself. Mostly, we just want to know what Morgan Freeman dreams about.


These are all just conjecture on our part but we'd like to think it's a fair approximation of what is undoubtedly a really top notch subconscious.

With luck, he'll be narrating our dreams about him dreaming tonight. Or is that a creepy thing to hope for?

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