GOT NINJAS. No question mark. 

Got Ninjas

Check that. Possible question mark that uses the belly button for a dot. Or a tramp stamp that also serves as a sexy callback.

If your tattoo is a question then no, we do not got ninjas. It's regrettable but not uncommon. We'd like some ninjas, sure, but they're in short supply these days and—as a you may know, being a fellow ninja enthusiast—difficult to find.

Do you got any ninjas? We see a sassy heart octopus on the left and...a um gargoyle. We're going with gargoyle on the right.

Quick question: is the 'o' in 'GOT' a Satanic pimento or Wiccan billiard ball? We're cool with both. And on a related note, why is the 'i' in 'NINJA' underpants? Is it an allusion? If so, to what? TO WHAT?!!

But seriously, do you got ninjas? It's implied by what you got going on there.


via cheezburger

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