We interrupt your regularly scheduled lampooning to bring you an earnest presentation of genuinely impressive human achievement. Do not worry; we're still cynical, sarcastic SOBs and will resume normal operations shortly. We're just in a good mood at the moment. The sun is shining, we got another show in the can, and Lou just had his first solid bowel movement in two weeks. Things are looking up! So let's celebrate with a gaggle of Anti-FAIL (i.e. WIN) GIFs, shall we?

This guy has a lot of really good friends. He had more friends before but frankly, they kept getting in the way of his dreams.

Leap of Faith

This next guy just has the one friend. Or arch-nemesis. It's hard to tell.

Car Jump

And this guy doesn't need any friends, to put him on a pedestal.


It's good to have at least one friend who doesn't mind you flipping out on them every once and a while. Just so long as you're willing to return the favor.

Yoga Ball Catch

"Gotcha covered, dude":

Hat Trick

But if your kinetic swag technician isn't on hand to help with the alley-oop, just go for the dunk instead.

Hat Trick 2

Because there's nothing wrong with a little alone time. Just think of it as an opportunity to develop a new skill...useful or otherwise.

Candle Snuff

So cherish your friendships as well as your solitude, we guess is the take away message.

Hmm. That seems a little vague and unfulfilling. We may have painted ourselves into a corner here, without a definitive ending. Oh wait! We know what to do. 

High Five!

High Five

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