Tattoos are one of those things in life that, once they get bad enough, they start getting good again. An exquisitely terrible tattoo can often be a thing of beauty. Like a bad car wreck or the third hour of The Today Show, we want to look away but find ourselves transfixed.

Nowhere is this more true than with a bad band tattoo. It's two regrettable decisions for the price of one. Not only do you have a murky blob of ink to haunt you in your latter years but also an increasingly illegible reminder of how poor your taste in music used to be.

So for those emblazoned with the names of bands whose CDs you lost more than a decade ago, this list of all-time worst band tattoos goes out to you.

Nickleback forearm tattoo

First mistake: Nickelback tattoo. Second mistake: Highly visible Nickelback tattoo. 

Dark Horse Album tattoo

Wow that's big. Not their best album though. Dark Horse is a little too derivative and clichéd to deserve that much torso real estate.

Nickelback Eye tattoo

How did this end up on the list? That's a pretty sweet evil eye!


Oh. That's why. Big mistake lady.

Nickelback lyrics

A price and a fight? Whatever it is, it's not worth it.

If you're going to get any words of wisdom permanently scrawled on your flesh, first be sure that the words are actually wise and, if you're a real stickler, that they actually make any kind of sense. No offense Chad Kroeger. What we mean to say is that you are a terrible lyricist.

Chad Kroeger tattoo

This one's...not bad. It speaks to us on a visceral level.

Beatles Tattoo

Ugh. Boy band tattoos are the worst. Should've gone with a Wings tattoo. Or at the very least, a Travelling Wilburys tramp stamp.

Ultimately, your body is your own. You can adorn or abuse it as you see fit and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Also, don't let anyone tell you that Nickelback is a good band.


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