Treadmills are ostensibly for burning calories and gobbling the faces of the uninitiated. They have the potential to be so much more, though. Sure, you can run in place like all the other schlubs but why make working it and working out mutually exclusive? You can do both. You should do both. Just ask this guy who is flat out OWNING IT.



You may get some weird looks or a little unwanted Internet infamy but that's the price one pays for jogging outside of the box. Amanda Bynes knows what's up.



Perhaps she's not the best person to cite as a role model but her version of the Insanity workout does get results.

But if you're not one for jogging like nobody's watching, there's other ways to get some virtual mileage out of this time-honored torture device. As OK Go and their bajillion video views can attest to, treadmills also make for great set pieces.



Yep, treadmills are a veritable playground of discovery, with boundaries that are made to be broken. Figuratively, not literally, of course. Do exercise some caution.


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