And as we look back, we see Lindsay Lohan gently folding her cigarette-cinged sweatshirts at Betty Ford, Martha Stewart hitting SUBMIT on from her gingham-print ergonomic task chair, and Mari-Kun teaching his owner that silence does not mean consent. We also take this moment to celebrate, in the spirit of the Roaring Twenties, the links that round out the richness of our always twerking, sex-tape making culture.


Ke$ha had a breakthrough at therapy, but now the whole thing's kind of a blur.

We re-introduced you to the Funky Bunch, hot off their Unemployment Line Tour.

These people accidentally slept with their siblings just so you could enjoy this montage.

We called sloppy seconds on Ray J's new video but still have no clue who the song is about.

According to Vivid's press release, we'll see Farrah Abraham channel her inner-Streep!

If you haven't bought a gift yet, Joffrey and Margaery are registered at Harrods.

From this day forward, these boys will never hear Psy without springing a boner. 

Lady Gaga may have her golden wheelchair, but he will always have his porcelain throne.

Are there single men out there who love homemade cooking and millions of dollars? 

Why even bother catching your breath between any of the recent live news gaffes.

Why did Mariah renew her vows at Disneyland? It took The Soup's resident brain surgeon to figure it out.

We hope these students' backs are okay at their ten year twerking reunion.


Amanda Bynes expended all her energy, and once again got nowhere!

Apparently now "doing the Dew" involves some racial profiling.

Lindsay made a pit stop on her way to her rehab. Quick, somebody call McAfee Security.

And, finally, that was then, this is now, and this is both.


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