One of our longstanding mantras here at The Soup offices is 'What Would Ke$ha Do?'. We look to her for guidance, for inspiration, for a glittery, pukey light in the darkness.

So of course we've been watching her new docu-series, My Crazy Beautiful Life, and feasting on every blessed detail to be gleaned from this unprecedented peak behind the fishnetted curtain. But if the series is missing one thing, it's The Soup's exclusive Ke$ha-inspired music video. Call it an homage to our third-favorite person with a dollar sign in their name.

Here now, for your viewing enjoyment, is The $oup's own: " Let'$ Get Drunk."

Love the song? Download it here. Make it your ringtone—but we don't recommend bird-feeding your therapist Arby's to it.


To reiterate, for our lawyers and hers - that's not actually Ke$ha, but The Soup's very own Kelly Levy. The minotaur, on the other hand, is real. His name is Ian.



Ke$ha: Kelly Levy

Therapist: Jonah Ray

Minotaur: Ian Goodwin


Directed by: Paul Bonanno

Lyrics by: Kelly Levy

Music by: Eli Braden

Vocals: Andi Porter

Producer: Hathaway Loftus

Hair & Makeup: Melissa Cueva & Emily Hache

Wardrobe: Jose Camilo

Art Dept: Todd Moore 


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