Ray J has answered our prayers - the world finally has a male version of Taylor Swift! With his new song "I Hit it First," he's provided a riddle within a conundrum within an enigma, and the media's already spent countless hours speculating over which one of his many, many famous exes inspired it. Now that he's released a video, we're combing through every tiny detail, finding new ways to interpret what his mysterious clues are alluding to.

You might wonder which ex-girlfriend Ray J, who is best remembered for launching Kim Kardashian's career, might be resentful of enough to write a song about. Let's take a look at some of his clues:

- The girl has previously dated black athletes and rappers

- She appears to be vaguely ethnic, possibly of Armenian descent? (though it's hard to tell because she's a hologram)

- He seems to have VIVID memories of their time in the bedroom

- They worked on a movie together (who knew Ray J was an actor?)

- She's on TV a lot on the F! Network

- Ray J seems to think she'd be interested in him buying her a jacuzzi

Now, remembering the fact that Ray J's only current relevance lies in his constant and desperate ploys for attention from Kim Kardashian, decide for yourself...who do you think the song's about?

Okay, it was so obvious the whole time. But who knew that Ray J dated Dave Coulier?!?!

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