Live news can be an unforgiving mistress. While some people simply can't handle the pressure, others have proven themselves adaptable to circumstance, while the cameras roll mercilessly on.

For instance, KHOU meteorologist David Paul is currently climbing the viral charts, for his stubborn refusal to let a capricious diaphragm stop him from taking care of business.


Like a boss, David. Not even a brief hiccup in the broadcast...despite all the actual hiccups. You're not alone though, in your can-do, show-must-go-onning. You may have some competition with 24/7 Weather Center's Lisa Hidalgo, who knows how to think on and off her feet.



The two of you could teach a seminar. If you end up giving a TED talk on overcoming adversity, be sure to bring along fellow meteorologist Aaron Perlman of KBAK news. You set 'em up and he'll knock 'em down.



If you decide to bring Aaron on board, he can provide some set dressing too, to smile and nod at your collective wisdom. Plus he does a mean Vin Diesel impression. Everybody wins! Make it happen.

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