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Only a week after being crowned Star's Most Hated Celebrity, Gwyneth Paltrow's been appointed the World's Most Beautiful Woman!—a decision made by the elite committee of classically trained judges of human radiance over at People Magazine. We found it a bit surprising, however, that no one bothered to consult the deciders of Real Beauty.

Dove's most recent ad campaign set out to sell liquid hand soap by proving that women see themselves as far less attractive than how they're perceived by others. All it took was a sunny ballet studio, some touching music, and a forensics artist from the FBI to teach us what we knew all along—that beauty lies in the eye of the actress paid to participate.

Moved by the experiment, we then asked Dove to throw People's Most Beautiful Woman into the mix.  The participants described their subject as having, "….strong bone structure, pointy ears, and a light in her eyes." They also said, "She's compelling…carries herself with an air of authority." And, "She's definitely not relatable. It's as if she came here from another world!"

gwyneth dove

Think about it, people. There are fourteen letters in the name Gwyneth Paltrow. Now look at the number 14. 1+4=5. Now take the word Dove. Four letters, plus one. D-O-V-E...L. Eh, forget it—moving on to Anne Hathway.

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