Whambulance Wednesday Soup

This week's critique came in the form of an admittedly polite request to remove one of our Facebook posts. Rest assured, we take all such requests very seriously. Well, most of them anyways.

Whambulance Face Swap


Thanks for being mostly civil with your appeal Kattia. Unfortunately, as we don't have a direct means of contacting Yahweh to confirm your assertions, we must decline your request at this time. There may have been something in Leviticus about prohibiting face-swaps on the Internet but that seems unlikely, considering that it otherwise deals mostly with crustaceans and the spilling of bodily fluids.

Plus, if the Big G has a problem with this particular face-swap, according to several commentors, by extension he or she's also got beef with Stephanie Tanner, Chloe Moretz, Lex from Jurassic Park, and Linda Blair. Frankly we don't buy it. Any conception of a higher being that doesn't approve of Full House is simply too terrifying to consider. We hope you'll understand.

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