Kim Jong Un stepped out yesterday rocking a military-inspired oversized shirt, and sporting his signature Miley Cyrus ‘do. "She's been a huge influence," said one source at E! "They're both very connected to their fathers."  "He's polishing missiles from nine to five," an onlooker reported, "so it makes sense that he'd keep his look low maintenance."


Another one of Kim's maternity must-haves? That's right—combat boots.  Recently spotted in capri pants, a diplomat's son reported that Jong Un's ankles have, in fact, blossomed into full-blown cankles. But close friends say he's been keeping it healthy....not eating much besides kimchi, brined fish, and disobedient soldiers. "If he makes a serious threat, he'll celebrate with raw cookie dough, but other than that, he's sticking to proteins."

When he's not out planning nuclear Armageddon, the 29 year-old keeps himself busy by googling exercises for double-chins. Another big help? Gwenyth Paltrow's blog, GOOP. "He'll scroll it for hours, mesmerized by chunky sweaters and advice for dealing with frenemies."

So, does the trendy commander have any advice for mommies-to-be? "Don't put your hand on my stomach. It will result in immediate death."

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