Did you spend the week recovering from all the amazing celebrity April Fools Jokes? I mean, just the thought of a baby growing in either Lindsay Lohan, Chelsea Handler, or Sharon Osbourne's inhospitable uteruses sends me into utter hysterics! Too much fun. 

Anyway, while you were completely immobilized with shock, you probably missed the tomfoolery on other parts of the internet this week.


Our Gif Madness tourney is down to the finals, help us choose a winner! We now give you permission to focus on basketball.

Here's a glimpse at what this week's Soup Awards ceremony would have been like if it were live (thank God it's not live).

Kung Fu Grandpa karate chops your ass and still makes it to Denny's for the Early Bird dinner.

Courtney Stodden's super sexy Girls and Corpses cover was clearly 'shopped. 

Hey, if these "For Your Consideration" ads didn't work for this year's Soup Awards, there's always the Nobel Peace Prize (Slut ButtBraceFlameless CandlesDavid Hasselhoff)

Smile, you're on camera! If this burglar thing doesn't work out, maybe consider reality tv?

This week's posts on The Soup TV were brought to you by Jon Hamm's penis


Mermaid Guy


E! released the trailer for Ryan Lochte's new reality show. Don't eat 30 minutes before watching.

According to legend, the enchanting merman eventually ended up on TLC.

Justin Bieber's pet monkey learned how to say Auf Wiedersehen.

Amanda Bynes continued her long-term performance art piece on Twitter. 

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