Whambulance Wednesday Soup

Much to our surprise, most of the feedback from this past week was positive and complimentary. We're a little ashamed actually. If we don't get a few people to froth at the mouth and use their keyboards as weapons, we feel like we haven't done our jobs properly. Which is why we were so happy and relieved when we finally came across this spirited CAPS Lock Crusader:

Anne Hathaway Soup Whambulance

Tammie, Tammie, TAMMIE! Let's put aside that this was part of a recap of our favorite GIFS and thus an intentional review of previous posts. If we understand you correctly, you seem to think that there's a point at which putting cat faces on celebrities' genitals STOPS being funny.

Frankly, we're at a loss. It seems a little futile to argue what can only be described as two diametrically opposed world views. You say tomato, we say ANNE HATHAWAY'S GRUMPY VAGINA. Okay, so we shout it. Give it a try; you might like it.

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