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We know exactly what you, your boss, loved ones, and people who depend on you for food are thinking: MOAR BRACKETS!!! And while you may think you're already fully brackified, we've saved the best for last with this year's tourney. Welcome to GIF Madness!! No audio, no attention span, no second chances. Boom goes the dynamite.


It wasn't easy to narrow down the year's finalists, considering animal gifs are the main reason Al Gore invented the internet (that, and  d*ck pix). But these fierce competitors clawed, scratched, and head-butted their way to the Sweet 16. And yes, they may or may not also be past contestants of the Bad Girls Club.

Our first match-up: BATTLE KITTY vs. ANNE's PUSSY

Peace Cat Gif

Peace Cat just wants peace

Anne Hathaway GIF

Anne Hathaway's furball


Second match-up: HORSE SKATER vs. FLOWER GIRL v KONG

Horse Gif

STFU, neigh-sayers

Flower Girl vs King Kong

Snacktime for Kong


Who will advance to ROUND 2? Cast your votes now and check back Monday when the first round of EPIC FAILS gifs go head to head. 

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