Hedgehog Soup


Buzzfeed has quickly become one of our top 10 favorite list generators. We're awed daily by the prolific site's vast quantities of content, and unrivaled talent for placing numbers in ascending order.

Inspired by their handiwork, we've assembled a list of our 27 favorite Buzzfeed lists into a list hit parade. Second only to our list of the 32 greatest numbers, this list's clearly on track to make the list of our top 3 lists of all time.

1. 25 Celebrities You Might Not Know are Bisexual (When are you finally going to make it official, Dora the Explorer?!)

2. 42 Reasons Why Nicolas Cage is the Greatest Actor of Our Generation (Appropriately, only one involves acting.)

3. 25 Foods You'll Never Eat Again (You want to say ‘horsemeat,' but you'd be a damn liar.)

4. 40 Insane Things that Happened in Florida (ONLY 40 insane things happened in Florida?)

5. The Biggest Lies We Were All Told As Kids ("Daddy's just going out to buy milk")

6. 32 of Your Childhood Crushes Then and Now (Larry King hasn't aged a day!)


Atreyu Soup


7. 6 People Who Don't Know Obama's Last Name (These people could own guns, or worse: YouTube accounts.)

8. The 30 Unhappiest Etsy Pug Models (If you think the dogs are sad, wait till you see their owners!)

9. 26 Kinds of Photos on Instagram the World Can Live Without (It's totes pics of global poverty)

10. 25 Ways to Tell You're a Kid of the 90s (Everyone remembers their Mikhail Gorbachev for Lisa Frank collectible forehead birthmarks, right?!)

11. 15 Reasons Hedgehogs are Better than Politicians (They can't send d*ck pix!)

12. 30 Lucrative Occupations for Hedgehogs (Politician?)

13. 15 Hedgehogs with Things That Look Like Hedgehogs (If you're keeping score at home, you've now seen 60 photos of hedgehogs)

Martin Freeman Hedgehog


14. The 30 Most Inspiring Interspecies Friendships of 2012 (A hedgehog and a politician!)

15. The 32 Best Selfies of all Time ("Selfie" isn't a euphemism for masturbating. Take that sh*t somewhere else.)

16. The 30 Most Powerful Photobombs of the Year (Like "selfie," "photobomb" is also a major buzzword. Buzzfeed. Wordbuzz. Wordfeed. Zzzzz.)

17. – 27. Animals in wheelchairs. (This is Buzzfeed's bread and butter. If it was just a website with pictures of disabled animals – animals in wheelchairs, animals on crutches, animals with tiny casts on, animal versions of Stephen Hawking – it would still be the most successful website in the world)











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