"I work that murk that just the way ya like it baby
Turn a quickie into an all nighter maybe
Your sex drive it match my sex drive
Then we be movin' as fast as a Nascar ride"

Baby Be Me, 50 Cent

Provoking more cringes than the NASCAR race itself, 50 Cent managed to cause the most memorable collision of the Daytona 500. Appearing out of nowhere like a perverted mosquito, he undoubtedly impressed ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews by smashing his lips in the general area of her cheeks, neck, sideburns, and floating breath molecules. Because according to 50, what women really want is action when they frantically search the crowd, insisting, "I have to go talk to Danica Patrick!"

It kind of brought him back to the old days, when he was just zit-faced Curtis James Jackson III, chasing girls around the schoolyard in a good old-fashioned game of Pimps and Hos.

For that extra cringe factor, here it is in slow motion:

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