It makes sense that France, the birthplace of parkour, is where to look when seeking insight into the secret, shadowy world of Ninja Cats. This rare look at the little known and even less understood microcosm of Felinjitsu reveals just how much training goes into becoming an Internet meme.

If a quick check behind you revealed no four-legged assassins in the room, also check to make sure there isn't one lying directly on your keyboard. Some of these agile lurkers still prefer the more direct, blunt-force approach.

Have a better title for this video? Then seize the initiative and leave us your re-name idea in the comments section below. We recommend quiet shoes and waiting until the dead of night to do so but it's entirely up to you. The commenter that most deftly and creatively ninjas our comedic thunder will receive a limited edition Soup t-shirt as well as a mixture of awe and dread from the local villagers. Have your submissions in by Thursday at midnight or your chances will vanish in a puff of smoke. Now, attack!


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